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Water-based activities

Water activities can be as relaxing or as exciting as you choose. They do not necessarily involve getting wet it depends on whether you want to be on the water or in it!

We have some amazing opportunities to really be at one with nature – so whether you are sliding down a huge natural waterfall or paddling down a secluded calm river at sunrise looking for Kingfishers and deer, we can provide an activity that will suit your needs.

All of the activities below can be done as individual sessions, some can be incorporated into a multi-activity package.

Gorge walkingGorge

This is a unique and exhilarating activity. Sliding down small waterfalls and scrambling down a river bed, the gorge walk experience offers everything in terms of fun and adventure.  What’s more it is suitable for all of the family too. READ MORE





This is definitely an “in the water” activity. Not recommended for the faint hearted! Canyoning is a white water ride through a gorge that involves sliding down wet slabs of rock, big jumps into pools of water, scrambling up rocks, swimming through rapids and being fuelled with adrenalin as you do it all. READ MORE




White Water Tubing


The new phenomenon that is taking the adventure world by storm. An amazing experience that offers so much

fun and excitement you can’t help but want to ride the tube again and again. READ MORE



A flexible activity that can be done on sea, river or reservoir. A great way to take the first steps in learning a new skill and challenging yourself to try something different. Surf kayaking is a fantastic activity that will get the adrenalin flowing and provide you with an unforgettable experience, as there is nothing quite like the realisation that you are riding your first wave. Other taster sessions on flat water are a great introduction to boating and a good way to spend some time with family or friends.

However, if you are really keen to give this adventure sport a try, then the 2 day introduction to kayaking is the way forward. This is for complete beginners and no prior experience is necessary. READ MORE


Canoe Expedition

This is one of the more relaxing ways to enjoy a water experience. In our two man Canadian canoes, the chances of being in the water fall dramatically. The boats are large and user friendly, giving you the confidence to develop paddling skills while potentially staying dry.

Canoeing is a fun activity to try with friends, but can also provide an exceptional journey experience. The two-day canoe expedition is one of our more popular events, due to the unique nature of the trip and the fantastic bonding opportunity, with both nature and your companions. Being self-sufficient on a journey is an experience in itself, but doing it traveling down river an areas that are only accessible by boat is even more special and perfect for Lads and Dads, close colleagues or teams, adventurous couples or friends who want to do something totally different with their weekend. READ MORE

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