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Bushcraft and Survival

Bush Craft


Challenge Factor:2 to5

Minimum Age: 12

Cost per person: £50-£150

Duration: ½ Day – 3 Day

Min Group Size: 4

Location: Mobile

The skills of Bushcraft don’t come easily and the knowledge and expertise needed to survive with minimum equipment in our natural environment is an area many people are learning more about. There is nothing more rewarding than building a roaring fire, boiling water from a stream for a brew and cooking a delicious meal to be enjoyed in the great outdoors…

These courses are designed and delivered by ex-military survival instructors, with experience of real life survival in some of the world’s most hostile environments. They bring a depth of knowledge to be envied and the passion to share some of their insights is a great asset to the Northern Outdoor team.


The survival events can be designed for your group. We deliver many half day sessions that are often combined with a canoe trip or another activity to make a full day. For anyone that wants to develop their skills a step further and practice them for real, then the full day courses or overnight courses are a great way to do just that.

A more detailed,

intense course that can include archery and canoeing and sleeping out for 2 nights, will last for 3 days and is an experience that will stay with you forever.

The activity is suitable for a half day for a huge variety of groups and ages. Longer courses, including an overnight stay and more so 2 nights in the wild are more demanding and will require strength of character and endurance.

We are now proud to be working in partnership with Primal Bushcraft who have a

wealth of knowledge and experience in Bushcraft & survival skills.

Northern outdoor and Primal Bushcraft plan to run some EPIC expeditions overseas to special places like Scandinavia,Germany and Canada.

Please enquire for further details about overseas Bushcraft and survival expeditions,we are very flexible and anything is possible!

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